Harry Potter 2018: A Book Collector's Wrap Up

I cannot believe how fast the last year has gone AND how many things have come to pass in the Potterverse! And I know next year will only go faster and have at least as many (and probably more!) Harry Potter events! With that said, a lot happened in the Potterverse in 2018. March 5th kicked off the 1st annual Harry Potter Collector Day, a day set aside to celebrate collectors and show off and discuss our collections among each other. I know I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this Instagram event and look forward to the next one! I cannot wait to see how many collections have grown over the year as well as meet and welcome new collectors to the Potter collectorship! 20th Anniversary Edition

JK Rowling Forgeries with Authentic Holograms?

For some time, myself and other collectors I know, have been waiting for the day when we'd see authentic J.K. Rowling Holograms with forged Rowling signatures, and very sadly, that day has arrived. I've found 4 Rowling forgeries with the J.K. Rowling Hologram, which were more than likely stripped from cheaply acquired Casual Vacancies. So far, these 4 have all come from France. These 4 forgeries can be found on my JK Rowling Forgery page as well as below. Yes, I know the above signatures (some more than others) look very similar to Jo's and they're supposed to. But in each, the strokes are made differently than hers, especially at the time this hologram was around. Unfortunately, I have to b

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