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Harry Potter 2018: A Book Collector's Wrap Up

I cannot believe how fast the last year has gone AND how many things have come to pass in the Potterverse! And I know next year will only go faster and have at least as many (and probably more!) Harry Potter events! With that said, a lot happened in the Potterverse in 2018.

March 5th kicked off the 1st annual Harry Potter Collector Day, a day set aside to celebrate collectors and show off and discuss our collections among each other. I know I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this Instagram event and look forward to the next one! I cannot wait to see how many collections have grown over the year as well as meet and welcome new collectors to the Potter collectorship!

20th Anniversary Editions

20th Anniversary Chamber of Secrets Hardcover, published by Bloomsbury

2017 marked 20 years of Harry Potter, with Bloomsbury publishing Hogwarts House Editions of Philosopher's Stone; it goes without saying the books sold like hotcakes. And in 2018, Bloomsbury released the 20th Anniversary House Edition of Chamber of Secrets in both soft and hardcover formats, and I must say they are a knock out! I think they upped the quality a bit from the Philosopher's Stone 20th Anniversary Editions, which (to me) were disappointing. To buy the Bloomsbury House Books, go here:

20th Anniversary Sorcerer's Stone, illustrated by Brian Selznick

Scholastic released their 20th Anniversary books (illustrated by the incredible Brian Selznick) individually as well as in a lovely box set. I really enjoy the cover art of these books as I think it adds to and compliments the existing Potter Cover art from various artists over the years.

To buy the books or the Box Set, go here:

Spanish 20th Anniversary Edition, La Piedra Filosofal, Slytherin House

Edicions Salamandra released lovely House edition Philosopher's Stone books to mark their 20 years of Harry Potter. I purchased the Slytherin edition of this book on a whim, after having fully intended to NOT collect the 20th Anniversary translations because of the ever-pressing space issue. The photos of the books do not do them justice honestly. I thought it would be a softcover, but instead I received a glorious hardcover. To see more, watch my YouTube video: and to purchase,





20th Anniversary Russian Harry Potter Slytherin Philosopher's Stone Translation

The 2nd Publisher of the Harry Potter series in Russian has also began to issue 20th Anniversary editions of the Potter books, using the same covers as Bloomsbury. The 20th Anniversary Chamber of Secrets Editions were issued in 2018 and while I don't own one yet, I will add one to my collection sometime in the next few months, no doubt. To Purchase:





In Greece, Psichogios Publications introduced their 20th Anniversary Editions of Harry Potter, which feature the "Pottermore" illustrations. I don't own these yet either, but like the Russian House Editions, I will be adding them to my collection some time this coming year. To Purchase: (This link takes you just to book 1, but the rest can be purchased from here -- make sure to use Chrome as you'll need to translate from Greek).

20th Anniversary German Harry Potter Philosopher's Stone Translation

Carlsen Verlag, the German publisher of the Harry Potter books, has always produced quality books, and their 20th Anniversary books are certainly no different. Instead of using their long-time illustrator Sabine Wilharm, a new illustrator, Iocopo Bruno, lent his imagination and talents to create the beautiful, whimsical, and 100% magical 20th Anniversary German books; it's worth noting that these books have been revised from their original textblocks, fixing many continuity and clarity issues. To Purchase: (takes you to book 1, but you can buy the rest of the books from here; use Chrome if you need to translate from German to English).

20th Anniversary Dutch Translations of the 7 Harry Potter books

The Dutch publisher De Harmonie have also released a beautiful hardcover 20th Anniversary Box Set featuring the art of their softcover pocket editions. I have tried to purchase this from without any luck and I know other US-based collectors who have purchased the set through them BUT have not yet received them (Purchased in August, I may add! -- it's late December!), so I am a bit skeptical. De Harmonie links to to purchase the set; I have looked for other sellers but no one seems to ship outside Netherlands or Belgium. Aggravating, I know. Anyway, here's the link to purchase on Bol:

New Potter Translations!

New translations are being added to the Potterverse, still! How exciting is this!

Hawaiian Translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

In early August, without much if any publicity, the Hawaiian translation of Philosopher's Stone was published by Evertype, a small publisher that specializes in publishing translated literary works. So little was known about this book that none of my collector friends knew about it before either stumbling upon it on various book buying sites OR being told about its existence by someone who'd just stumbled upon it. In fact, when the book was first published it was not even on the publisher's website (which had not been updated since 2017). Now, however, it has been updated to show the publication of Harry Potter in Hawaiian; however, the publisher website says Hardcover while I have only seen the book available in soft. To Purchase:

Mongolian Translation of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

For the first time in (Authorized) Mongolian, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was published! A second publisher began publishing the Harry Potter books, this time featuring the Jonny Duddle illustrations, and the 3rd book was released earlier this year. And excitingly book 4 is coming up soon according to their website! To Purchase:

And just a few days ago, the Mongolian translation of Goblet of Fire was released! You can purchase that here!

2nd Romanian Translation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

A second Romanian publisher began re-translating and publishing the Harry Potter series in stunning hardback form. AND they just finished the set, published Deathly Hallows just a few weeks ago. I'm still waiting on mine to arrive, BUT i have the 1st 6, and they are glorious, SO if you're on the fence about buying them, trust me and do it. They're beautifully bound and dress any bookshelf. To Purchase: (the other 6 books can be purchased from this link as well; I recommend using Chrome browser as you'll need to translate from Romanian).

Illustrated Books

While Jim Kay took 2018 off to heal from Tennis Elbow, that did not stop Bloomsbury and Scholastic from releasing new illustrated books into the Potterverse.

Softcover Illustrated Philosopher's Stone Edition

Bloomsbury released the Softcover Illustrated edition of Philosopher's Stone. This edition has, I believe, 60% of the illustrations of the hardcover and features a different cover than the hardcover. Also, the price is a bit reduced from the hardcover. I haven't purchased this particular edition yet simply because other than the cover, no new illustrations were added. However, I'm sure I will purchase later this coming year. To Purchase:

UK Tales of Beedle the Bard, Illustrated by Chris Riddell

The Tales of Beedle the Bard was released in illustrated form earlier this year as well. Interestingly, 2 different illustrators were used. Bloomsbury UK used the talented Chris Riddell, released 10/02/2018. Scholastic used the talents of Lisbeth Zwerger for their illustrated edition, published on 10/09/2018. I'm not sure why the 2 different release dates as well.

US Tales of Beedles the Bard Illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger

To Purchase the Bloomsbury Edition:

To Purchase the Scholastic Edition:

Fantastic Beasts

Crimes of Grindelwald Screenplay

As many know, 2 years ago the 1st installment (of 5) of the Fantastic Beasts series was released to wide acclaim. AND November of this year saw the release of the 2nd installement, Crimes of Grindelwald. Like the first, the screenplay and movie were released closely together. And like most things in relation to Harry Potter books, there are 2 publishers -- one for each side of the pond. To Purchase:

LittleBrown UK Edition:

Scholastic US Edition:

New in Rowling Forgeries

Sadly, forging Jo's signature is absolutely nothing new to Potterverse, but 2 new things have been spotted this year.

Rowling Forgery with Authentic Rowling Hologram

In 2007 with the Deathly Hallows signings, Jo and her team introduced the JK Rowling Hologram to help combat the many forgeries that were plaguing the market and robbing collectors out of their hard-earned dollars. This hologram worked well to help curb forgeries WHEN buyers knew to look for it and WHAT an authentic Rowling hologram looked like. All that said, forgeries have, very sadly, been spotted featuring authentic Rowling holograms. These holograms were probably pulled from the cheaply found and not highly desired Casual Vacancy and adhered to a forged Harry Potter book. I have only seen a handful of these so far, with I think, the majority coming out of France. So, thankfully this technique is not widespread yet BUT is still something to watch out for. You can check out my section on authentic holograms with forged signatures by checking out my JK Rowling Forgeries page and scrolling to the named section.

Additionally, some person using 2 different ebay names has been found to be using FAKE JK Rowling holograms paired with very obvious Rowling forgeries. So far, the two books appearing with the fake Rowling holograms are a US Chamber of Secrets and US Prisoner of Azkaban. Also, the description used is one that seems to be copied from a professional bookseller to book auction as it reads quite professionally. Thankfully, both look to have been taken down by eBay. You can find out more about these fake Rowling holograms and forgeries by checking out my JK Rowling Forgeries page.

Other Potter-Related Books

There have been many, many Potter related books published over the years and 2018 is no different. Some books were newly published and others were revised. Regardless, they're all beautiful. And there are far too many to put them all here. BUT if you want to see what they are, you can check out your local Barnes & Noble if you are US based and look at their Harry Potter table --many are laid out there. Also, has quite a few if you just search "Harry Potter art book" in the books.

Alrighty guys, that's Harry Potter in 2018 -- a busy, busy year indeed! Hopefully next year, Jim Kay's Goblet of Fire will be released! I know I cannot wait!

If you have any questions about collecting Harry Potter books, you're welcome to email me through here, find me on Instagram ( @AllThePrettyBooks), Twitter (@AllThePrettyBo2), facebook ( and youtube ( ).

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