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JK Rowling Forgeries with Authentic Holograms?

For some time, myself and other collectors I know, have been waiting for the day when we'd see authentic J.K. Rowling Holograms with forged Rowling signatures, and very sadly, that day has arrived. I've found 4 Rowling forgeries with the J.K. Rowling Hologram, which were more than likely stripped from cheaply acquired Casual Vacancies. So far, these 4 have all come from France. These 4 forgeries can be found on my JK Rowling Forgery page as well as below.

Yes, I know the above signatures (some more than others) look very similar to Jo's and they're supposed to. But in each, the strokes are made differently than hers, especially at the time this hologram was around. Unfortunately, I have to be a bit vague here on details because I don't want to help the forger figure out all they're doing wrong.

However, the point of this whole post is, sadly, to point out that the J.K. Rowling Hologram is no longer an automatic safe buy as once was the case--that someone has figured out how to get the hologram off undamaged and attach it to forgeries.

Now on to the question: why would someone take a perfectly legitimate signed book and take off the hologram (i.e Casual Vacancy), effectively damaging the book beyond sellability. Well, this person is putting the holograms/forgeries in books that sell high, so they can spend $200 on a legitimately signed Casual Vacancy, essentially just buying the hologram, and then remove it, forge a signature in a Potter book and attach the hologram and charge $1000+. Thankfully, I've only seen 4 of these so far, so they're not getting out into the market super easily, at least not yet. But, buyer beware! Research Jo's signature before buying. Check out my Forgery videos on youtube

Also, check out my Rowling Forgeries page right here on this website. AND, I also post Rowling forgeries on Twitter fairly frequently. And of course, you're welcome to ask me and/or @thePotterCollector as well. We'd rather you ask us BEFORE you buy than afterward.

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