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Buyer Beware -- Tales of (the Forged) Beedle the Bard

Sometime last month (or maybe a bit before), many new J.K. Rowling forgeries began hitting the scene -- appearing a LOT in Bloomsbury 1st Edition Tales of Beedle the Bard books. These forgeries all have the same handwriting and bear the J.K. Rowling hologram. BUT they're not signed by Jo, sadly! What's worse, these are being bought (and then sold!) by some reputable booksellers. AND, because these forgeries look to bear authentic Rowling holograms, if these forgeries are sent to major 3rd party authentication houses for authentication, they will more than likely be passed as authentic, making these pieces of junk much harder to remove from the marketplace. While there are most definitely other forged Rowling signed Beedles in the market as I type (and some with CoAs from reputable 3rd part authentication houses!! <insert angry face!>) I'm only discussing these examples, which all are from the same hand.

Below are but a few examples:

Sadly, these forgeries are either up for sale from different sellers OR have sold, AND I know more are coming. Because they ALWAYS do.

Again, this is absolutely why you must research, research, research before buying signed Potter stuff. Forgery within Potter is rampant -- I cannot stress that enough. And it's increasing. You must not rely on CoAs, holograms, or even bookseller, as some of what I've posted is being sold by reputable, overall well-meaning booksellers. These forgeries just point, again, to the fact that demand for Rowling signed books way outstrips demand, and as more time passes between Potter signings, I fully believe the forgeries will continue to increase as well.

Constant Vigilance and Happy, Cautious Collecting!



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