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South America is home to plenty of languages and dialects of them. Brazilian Portuguese, published by Rocco and translated by Lia Wyler. There are a few different Spanish dialects running around South America as well, which I will, sort of, discuss down below.

Portuguese in Brazil is from the Portuguese colonization of the Americas, with the first Portuguese immigrants settling in Brazil area in the 16th century. Over time, Portuguese became more prevalent, and by the end of the 18th century, it was the national language. During those years, other colonists from other countries also brought their languages, but by and large, these languages were just absorbed into what would become known as Brazilian Portuguese. 

So how different are Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese? Well, The languages have developed away from each other really since the 16th century; they've also different linguistic influences, which can significantly impact a language. In the case of Brazilian Portuguese, many consider it to have a more nasal sound, while European Portuguese tends to be considered more guttural; also noted are different pronunciations of consonants between the two as well as different vowel lengths, with Brazilian Portuguese vowel being elongated.  That the two differing Portuguese languages would have different vocabulary words, pronouns, verbs, and intonation also makes a lot of sense given the distance between the two areas in which the languages are found. On a personal note, having friends who speak both Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese, I have heard there's quite marked difference - with my friends struggling to completely understand the other Portuguese. 

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The 1st edition was published in softcover, with the Mary GrandPre art. Since these first editions, many editions have followed, some hardcover, some softcover. Book 1 is available in pre-movie font and is becoming a bit harder to find, but still not expensive.

Portuguese Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter e a Pedra Filosofal

ISBN: 9788532511010


Harry Potter e a Câmara Secreta

ISBN: 9788532511669

Harry Potter e a Prisioneiro de Azkaban

ISBN: 9788532512062

Harry Potter e a Enigma do Príncipe

ISBN: isbn 9788532519474

Harry Potter e a Cálice de Fogo

ISBN: isbn 9788532512529

Harry Potter e as Relíquias da Morte

ISBN: isbn 9788532522810

Harry Potter e a Ordem da Fênix

ISBN: isbn 9788532516220


The Brazilian Portuguese publisher, Rocco, like a few other Potter translation publishers, have produced quite a few editions of the books, with some available in box sets. The newest one out features what was formerly the audio book art - the 2nd Croatian translation was the first to use this art.  Unfortunately, getting these sets out of Brazil can be quite expensive as well as difficult due to finding stores/sellers who want to ship out of the country. Also, Brazil is one of the few countries where residents from other countries will have a much harder time using Amazon Brazil unless you have specific resident information.

This particular box set features the art of Kazu Kibuishi, which first appeared on the 2013 US Editions.

ISBN: 9788532529954

ISBN: 9788532529961

ISBN: 9788532529978

Box Set ISBN: 9788532512949

ISBN: 9788532530004

ISBN: 9788532530011

ISBN: 9788532529992

ISBN: 9788532529985

1st Edition Softcover of the South American Spanish translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, published by Emecé. There are many different variations of this book. I've even seen some books published both by the European Spanish publisher, Salamandra, and Emecé; honestly, much more needs to be researched as the EU Spanish translation seems to be quite the rabbit hole with all of its many regional adaptions. For more information about the Spanish translations, read on

Title: Harry Potter Y La Piedra Filosofal
ISBN: 9789500419574
Translator: Alicia Dellepiane
Format: Softcover

Notes: Hardcover available; all 7 books were published. Many different ISBNs for this one translation.

Difficulty to Find Rating: 3, Somewhat Common

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