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Spain is one of the more linguistically interesting countries where Potter translations are concerned. There are 5 difference languages and 1 adaptation found here as well as the frustrating knot of different Spanish Potter books running around from different publishers. In short, I can spend a lot of time discussing the many different Potter translations that call Spain home. 

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To listen to the 1st paragraph of the 1st book in Spanish, Click Here For AsturianClick Here. For BasqueClick Here. For Catalan,  Click Here. For Galician, Click Here.

The Asturian language is an Indo-European Romance language evolved from Latin in the Early Middle Ages. This language was closely linked to the Asturias Kingdom (northern Spain) as well as the following Leonese kingdom - Astur-Leonese was used in official documents during the 12th, 13th, and part of the 14th centuries; Castialian Spanish arrived during the 14th Century. There are three main dialects of this language - Western, Eastern, and Central, and they are mutually intelligible. The oldest preserved document Fueru d’Avilés, issued by Alfonso III to the town of Avilés in 1155 A.D.  

To learn more about the Asturian language, Click Here, Here, Here, and Here.

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Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal

The beautiful and very rare Asturian translation is from the Asturias region of Spain. This region in the northern-middle of Spain encompasses the city of Oviedo. This book was translated by Xesús González Rato was published by Trabe in 2009. Only 700 copies of book 1 were made; to date, this translation is among the 6 hardest Potter translations to find and is considered one of the "Big 6". Importantly too, this book has the same title as the very common Spanish translation, making searching that much harder. 

ISBN: 9788480535496

For more reading about this translation: Click here

Asturian Harry Pottr translation of Philosophe's Stone

Basque is a beautiful language found in Basque Country, an area that stretches from the western most Pyrenees in adjacent parts of northern Spain and southwestern France. Linguistically, the language is unrelated to any other European language and is considered a language isolate, as it's unrelated to any other known living language.

As Basque is an earlier Potter translation, Pre-Movie copies of books 1 - 3 exists. All 7 books were published by Elkarlanean and translated by Iñaki Mendiguren. The 1st Edition Basque books are out of print, making them harder to find fairly quickly due to demand. In late 2023 Basque published heavily revised editions in softcover. Currently, I only own books 1 and 2 from the revisions, but will be adding the rest over time. 

To hear the Dialogue Alley episode all about Basque, Click Here.

Pre-movie books 1-3 are simply called pre-movie because they were published before or around the time of the 1st movie's release (2001) and they don't have the now ubiquitous "Harry Potter" font that is now found on the Basque translations.


Harry Potter eta sorgin-harria, 2000

ISBN: 9788483317037

Basque Translation of Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Later Print

ISBN: 9788483317037

Basque Harry Potter Translation Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter eta sekretuen ganbera, 2001

ISBN: 9788483317686

Basque translation of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter eta Suaren kopa, 2002

ISBN: 9788483319260

Basque translation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter eta Fenixaren Ordena, 2004

ISBN: 9788497831901


Harry Potter eta Azkabango presoa, 2001

ISBN: 9788483318065

Basque translation of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter eta Odol Nahasiko Printzea, 2007

ISBN: 9788497834841

Harry Potter eta Herioaren Erlikiak, 2008

ISBN: 9788497836036

As I mentioned above, In 2023, the Basque books were heavily revised. Currently, they're only available in softcover and still only only have the same covers they've always had. To read more about the Basque revisions, Click Here.

ISBN: 9788413602653

ISBN: 9788413602660

Catalan is a Romance language from the Neo-Latin language group named after the Medieval Principality of Catalonia in north-eastern Spain and is mostly closely related to Occitan. Catalan is the official language of Andorra and a co-official language of the Spanish autonomous communities of Catalonia, Valencia and Balearic Islands. The language first appeared between the 8th and 10th Centuries in Northern Catalonia and Andorra. By the 13th Century, the language had spread throughout Catalonia and beyond. The first book in Catalan was produced in 1474 - Les trobes en llaors de la Verge Maria. 


To read more about the Catalan language, Click Here and Here.

Catalan was first translated in 1999 by Laura Escorihuela Martínez and published by Editorial Empúries. Like some other translations, there are many different editions of the Catalan books, some with unique covers and others using the UK covers.

To hear the Dialogue Alley episode all about the Catalan books, Click Here.

1st Edition

Catalan was first published using quite cartoonish art; only book 1-3 were published in this edition, and there 2 states of the 1st book.


This is the very first Catalan Philosopher's Stone translation published and is called the first state as there is a second state as well. This translation is not surprisingly becoming harder to find, even in Spain now, especially with the rise Potter translation collecting. I personally love the generic wizard on the front cover of this amazing little book.

ISBN: 9788475966410

Harry Potter i la pedra filosofal

1st Edition 1st State Harry Potter Book 1 in Catalan 1st Editon 1st State

2nd State, 1st Edition of the Catalan Philosopher's Stone translation. This cover is actually illustrated for the book. The next two books in the series are also found with similar illustrations. 

ISBN: 9788475966410

Harry Potter i la pedra filosofal

Harry Potter in Catalan Book 1, 1st Editon, 2nd State

Books 2 and 3, 1st Editions

Harry Potter i la cambra secreta

ISBN: 9788475966991

1st Edition Catalan Translation Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets I la Cambra Secreta

Harry Potter i el pres d'Azkaban

ISBN: 9788475967233

1st Edition Catalan Translation Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I el Pres d'Azkaban

Large / Adult Editions

Adult / large edition of the Catalan Potter translations were published in 2001. These books are quite a bit larger than the others and features toned-down cover art. This edition doesn't seem to easy to find either. The first 4 books were published in this edition. When I get the 2nd book, I'll add here. 

Harry Potter i la pedra filosofal

ISBN: 9788475966410

Harry Potter Book 1 in Catalan, Adult Edition i la pedra filosofal

Harry Potter i la pres d'Azkaban

ISBN: 9788475967233

Catalan Translation Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban i el pres d'Azkaban

Harry Potter i el calze de foc

ISBN: 9788475968827

Catalan translation Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire i el calze de foc

Deluxe Editions


In 2001, Catalan published the 1st four books in the style of the Bloomsbury UK Deluxe editions. These editions tend to be a bit more difficult to find as well as a bit pricier as well. I currently only have the first book. If I decide to get the other 3, I will add them. To be honest, the UK Deluxe editions, and by extension these editions, do not do much for me, so I would only buy the others if I found them at a deep discount.

ISBN: 8475968333

UK Cover Art Edition (Hardcover)

One of the more common Catalan Potter books are the ones that bear the original Bloomsbury cover art, just changed up the color scheme a bit. And like the UK bloomsbury books as well, the books have pictorial boards that match the jackets. While these Catalan books aren't super common within the US e-commerce marketplace, they're around ore readily on other international sites.

Harry Potter i la Pedra Filosofal

ISBN: 9788475967745

Harry Potter i la Cambra Secreta

ISBN: 9788475967752

Harry Potter Book 1 in Catalan

Harry Potter i el pres d'Azkaban

ISBN: 9788475967769


Harry Potter i el calze de foc


ISBN: 9788475967905

Harry Potter i l'orde del Fenix

ISBN: 9788497870245


Harry Potter i el misteri del Princep

ISBN: 9788497871716


Harry Potter i les reliquies de la Mort

ISBN: 9788497872850


UK Cover Art Edition (Softcover)

Harry Potter Book 1 in Catalan, Softcover

Harry Potter i la pedra filosofalI

By far the most common Catalan Potter books seems to be these small little softcovers published by Labutxaca. While all 7 books were published by this publisher, I only have the 1st book and I'm not sure I'll finish this set.

ISBN: 9788499301518

20th Anniversary aka House Editions


Not surprisingly, Empuries published the House Editions in Catalan. I'm only aware of softcover books in this edition. All 4 houses were published and I'm fairly certain all 7 books were published in all 4 house colors, but I could be wrong. To keep my collection under control, I only have the 1st book and in only Slytherin House.

ISBN: 9788417016708

Galician, or Galego, is a Romance language, like Catalan, Asturian, French, and others and resulted from the evolution of the Vulgar Latin, which was introduced to the area by the Romans. In the 8th Century, the First texts in Galician were written. 


To learn more about the Galician language, Click Here, and Here

The Galician, or Galego, Harry Potter books look similarly different to the Spanish books, but they have dark blue boarders instead of yellow. They are published by Editorial Galaxia. From my understanding, the books are out of print, and due to that and rising demand, book 1 has become quite scarce. The other 6 books are somewhat still easily found if you know where to look. Currently, I only have books 1 and 3; as I fill out this set, I'll keep adding here.

Harry Potter e a pedra filosofal

ISBN: 9788482884967

Harry Potter e o preso de Azkaban

ISBN: 9788532511010

Galician Harry Potter Book 1
Galician Harry Potter Book 3

The Spanish language originated in the Iberian Peninsula and evolved from the Vulgar Latin that was brought to that area by the Romans. There were differing dialects of this language throughout the area, but the dominant one came from the Kingdom of Castile - Old Castilian Spanish. In the 13th Century, Castilian Spanish was established in written form in Toledo, Spain - when the city was conquered by Castile. Modern Spanish derives from this Old Castilian Spanish. To learn more about the Spanish language, Click Here, and Here.

Spanish (EU)

The Spanish publishing history of Harry Potter is quite murky. Different regional dialects and switching publishers are just some of the many issues here.  Potterglot sorts this Spanish issue out much better than I can, so I'm not going to try to do that in this small space.  All 7 books were published in Spanish in both hard and soft covers, and have several different editions, to put it mildly. Read Pottglot's articles, Here, Here, Here, Here, and here's Potterglot's main page. Even if you haven't read the linked articles by Potterglot, just know, the Spanish translations - yeah, they're a lot. For brevity, I'm just going to keep things as simple as possible. Like Basque, the 1st 3 books can be found with pre-movie font, as pictured below.


I only the have books 1 - 3 and 6 of the 1st Spanish edition; honestly, I am not in a rush to finish this set as they're around and they're not my favorite covers, so I'm just buying to complete the set. As I add books though, I'll update here.

To the Dialogue Alley episode discussing the Spanish books, Click Here.

Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal

Harry Potter y el prisionero de Azkaban

ISBN: 9788478885190


ISBN: 9788478884452


Harry Potter y la Camara Secreta

ISBN: 9788478884957


Harry Potter y el misterio del principe

ISBN: 9788478889921

Like many other Potter languages, book club editions (BCEs) exist. These BCEs feature fun and cartoonish style cover art and are harder to find than the trade edition. I *think* only the first 4 books were published in BCE. I only have the first 3 books so far. 

Harry Potte Spanish Book Club, Book 1

This edition, illustrated by Tiago de Silva, features more lovely original cover art. These books were published in softcover with the only hardcovers found being turtleback or library reinforced books. Currently, I only have books 1 and 3 of this edition.

ISBN: 9788498386943

Harry Potter in Spanish, Book 1 Later Edition

ISBN: 9788498386608


In late 2018, the Spanish translation of Philosopher's Stone was published into very lovely House Editions. House Editions for book 2 were released in October 2019. I'm fairly certain all 7 books were published in this edition; but for sanity sake, I only have each house frmo book 1. 

Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal

Slytherin House Spanish Edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone y la Piedra Filosofal

 ISBN: 9788498388930

Gryffindor House Spanish translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone y la piedra filosofal

 ISBN: 9788498388879

Ravenclaw House Edition Spanish Translation Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone y la piedra filosofal

 ISBN: 9788498388916

Hufflepuff House Edition Spanish Translation Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone y la piedra filosofal

 ISBN: 9788498388893


In 2020, the Spanish books were published with 2014 Jonny Duddle artwork. All 7 books were published in this edition; however, as I have many Jonny Duddle sets, I willl probably only have the first book. Also, I was able to pick this book up from my local Barnes & Noble. 

ISBN: 9781644732076

IN 2023, Salamandra, the Spanish publisher, published a beautiful 25th Anniversary edition of Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal. Thus far, I'm only aware of the first book being published, but I am hoping for all 7 books.

Hear this book get put through the TOTS scale over on Dialogue Alley - Click Here.


 ISBN: 9788419275301

Library - Binding


Los Cuentos de Beedle el Bardo

Tales of Beedle the Bard in Spanish

Alongside the Hogwarts School books, I have also seen a library-bound edition, whch I bought off eBay because of how unusual it looked - it had the blue border similar to Galician but the book was clearly Spanish; upon the book's arrival is when I figured out what it was.

Some languages offer translations of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, and some of the translations feature beautiful cover art! The Spanish Beedle was translated by Gemma Rovira Ortega and published by Salamandra.

ISBN: 9788498381962

The Modern Catalan language has 2 main dialects - Western Catalan (including West Catalan and Valencia) and Eastern. Politically fueled disputes between Catalan and Valencian have occurred essentially over whether Valencian is a dialect of Catalan or separate language. Lingusitically, there are only minor differences between the two and are mutually intelligible; also, these minor differences are not usually seen in the written language - only spoken. 

To learn more about Valencian, Click Here.
The Valencian Potter books are actually adaptions of the Catalan translation of Harry Potter books and was published by Tandem Books. Only books 1 & 2 were published. The Valencian adaption is found in the Valencia region of Spain. Both books are quickly becoming scarce due at least in part to the influx of new translation collectors.
Harry Potter i la pedra filosofal
Harry Potter i la cambra secreta
Harry Potter Book 1 in Valencian u la pedra filosofal
ISBN: 9788481312775
Harry Potter Book 2 in Valencian i la cambra secreta
ISBN: 9788481313284
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