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Swedish, along with Faroese and Norwegian, is  part of the West Scandinavian group of North Germanic languages. The language is primarily spoken in Sweden and Finland by around 13 million speakers. Swedish, as are other Nordic languages, descendants of Old Norse. Dialect depending, Swedish is mutually intelligible with Danish and Norwegian. 

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The Swedish translations have been around for 20+ years now, and have released their 20th Anniversary Editions featuring the art of Olly Moss in 2019. The Swedish books are easily a fan favorite the world-over due to their beautiful and unique covers. The Books have switched publishers in their long run from Tiden to Rabén & Sjögren, but the text block has remained the same.
The 1st Edition Swedish books, illustrated by Alvaro Tapia, took my breath away when I first saw them. The covers are beautiful, the bindings are nice, the shape fits well in the hand, and the internals are nice too. No doubt about it -- these are beautiful books. They're fairly easy to find currently but sell a little higher because of the demand and beauty of these books. Pre-Movie copies do exist and tend to sell a bit higher than the later prints. From my understanding, this edition is being phased out with the release of the 20th Anniversary Edition.



Harry Potter och de Vises Sten

...och Hemligheternas Kammare

...och Fången från Azkaban

ISBN: 9188876659

ISBN: 9188876659

ISBN: 9789188877673

ISBN: 9789129675566

1st Edition
Early into this translation's publication, Tiden released a box set of the 1st three books. Unlike the 1st Edition books, these were issued with jackets and pictorial boards; the boards, however don't have the silver foiling from the title/author, so you just see the illustration. The spine is also black cloth. These jackets tear easily and are quite flimsy. 

I don't have the box set of these yet; I do, however, have all 3 books. Book 1 is missing its jacket, sadly.


ISBN: 9188877868

ISBN: 9188877876

Tiden also released a set of books featuring the adult covers from the Bloomsbury books. These are tall, hardcover books featuring jackets. From my understanding they're quite scarce to come by as well.


ISBN: 9185243264

20th Anniversary Edition
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