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Finnish is a part of the Finno-Ugric branch of the Uralic language family, unlike neighboring language (Russian and Swedish); this Finno-Urgic language group includes Hungarian, Sami, Estonian, as well as some lesser known languages in Russia. Linguistically, there are a lot of differences between the languages in this group mostly probably due to these languages evolving separately over thousands of years. Also, interestingly, scholars think Finland has been inhabited by speakers of this Finno-Urgic language since 3,000 B.C if not prior.

Today, there are roughly 5.4 million native Finnish speakers, most of which live in and around Finland. The Finnish writing system uses the Latin-script alphabet derived from the Swedish alphabet. 

To learn more about the Finnish language, Click Here and Here.

Finland is where the Finnish translations call home; you can also find the Swedish translations in Finnish bookstores too. The 1st edition Finnish translations were translated by Jaana Kapari-Jatta, published by Tammi in hardcover format and feature wonderful and unique cover art by Mika Launis. I honestly think book 5's cover has the best rendering of Umbridge I've seen to date. The first There are other Finnish editions around, but so far those other editions do not have unique covers that I'm aware of.

To hear the 1st paragraph of the 1st book, Click Here.

Harry Potter Ja Viisasten Kivi,


Harry Potter ja Salaisuuksien Kammio, Pre-Movie

Harry Potter ja Azkabani Vanki, Pre-Movie

ISBN: 9789513111465

Later Print

ISBN: 9789513114725

ISBN: 9789513117375

Harry Potter 1st Edition Pre-Movie Philosopher's Stone Book 1
Harry Potter Finnish Later Print Philosopher's Stone Book 1

Harry Potter Ja Liekehtiva Pikari

Harry Potter Ja Feeniksin Kilta

Harry Potter Ja Puoliverinen Prinssi

ISBN: 9789513120382

ISBN: 9789513129071

ISBN: 9789513135072

Harry Potter Ja Kuoleman Varjelukeset

ISBN: 9789513140045

Adult Edition
Harry Potter Finnish Adult Edition Softcover Philosopher's Stone Book1

The Bloomsbury Adult art can be found on the Finnish books - these are smaller softcover books. All 7 books were published with this cover art. 

ISBN: 9789513184872

Softcover Edition
Harry Potter Finnish Softcover Philosophe's Stone Book 1

I found this small softcover on eBay years ago; I've only ever seen this one example, so I'm unsure if the other books were published in softcover as well or how common they are. 

ISBN: 9789513160616

Harry Potter Finnish GrandPre Hardcove Philosopher's Stone Book1

Finland has 2 book club editions that I'm aware of - book 1 and book 4; both feautre the US cover art by Mary Grand Pre. These 2 books are both hardcover with jackets and for book clubs, the quality is nice on both. Books 1 and 3 were not made for some reason. As these are book clubs, there are not ISBNS present.

in 2020 Tammi released new editions featuring the beautiful artwork by Apolar Arch from the 20th Anniversary Thai books. I was so excited I ordered the 1st three books as that was all that was available - and I wasn't sure when I'd get my Thai books as they were months delayed at that point. I believe all 7 books were published w/ this cover art.

Harry Potter Ja Viisasten Kivi

ISBN: 9789520426392


Harry Potter ja Salaisuuksien Kammio

ISBN: 9789520426408


Harry Potter ja Azkabani Vanki

ISBN: 9789520426415

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