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Icelandic is a North Germanic language; the language is also a West Scandinavian language and as such is most closely related to Faroese. Modern Icelandic descended from Old Norse from which Old Icelandic came from. Interestingly, Old Norse not only evolved into Modern Icelandic, it also  evolved into Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish over the centuries. Impressively, the first Icelandic text dates from around 1100 A.D. - the world-renowned Icelandic Sagas and Eddas were originally penned in Old Icelandic. Most Icelanders can read this 12th century text using only moderately easily, meaning that the language has not changed very drastically since the 12th century. 

There are about 330,000 native speakers; however, the overall low speakers base is due to the population of Iceland rather than the language itself being endangered. 

To learn more about the Icelandic language, Click Here and Here

To hear the 1st Paragraph of the 1st book in Icelandic, Click Here.

Harry Potter was translated by Helga Haraldsdóttir into Icelandic in 1999 and features some wonderful original cover art. The 1st edition Philosopher's Stone comes in 2 states. The 2nd edition Stone features the GrandPre cover art with the 1st edition Icelandic books using her covers as well. Icelandic has also recently been published in the Jonny Duddle covers. 

Hogwarts Express.jpg

Harry Potter og Viskusteinninn

1st State Philosopher's Stone

1st Edition, 1st State Icelandic translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, published by Bjartur. This particular state of the 1st edition is in the highest demand, but also the hardest to find as they were quickly replaced by the 2nd state, which has the J.K. Rowling instead of the Joanna. When found both 1st and 2nd states fetch high prices. 

1st Edition, 1st State of the Icelandic translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

ISBN: 9789979865551

1st Edition, 2nd State Icelandic translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, published by Bjartur. This particular state of the 1st edition is still high in demand because it still features the original cover art found on the 1st. These books are easier found than the 1st states, but are still difficult.


ISBN: 9789979865551

the 3rd State Philosopher's Stone features the GrandPre cover art, BUT there are at least 4 states of this particular book, all featuring GrandPre art. Below, you will see 2 of the known 4 states. All use the same GrandPre cover, but position the illustration differently on the cover. The book on the left is not my own; Peter the Potter Collector lent me use of his Photo until I find one :)

ISBN: 9789979865551

ISBN: 9789979865551

Harry Potter Icelandic Philosoher's Stone Book 1 Illustrated by Mary GrandPre 2nd Edition

The 1st Edition Icelandic books 2 - 7 feature the GrandPre covers, and to my knowledge do not come in different states; if you know differently, please let me know :)

Harry Potter og leyniklefin

Harry Potter og fanginn frá Azkaban

Harry Potter og eldbikarinn

ISBN: 9789979865681

ISBN: 9789979865711

ISBN: 9789979865889


Harry Potter og Fönixreglan

Harry Potter og Blendingsprinsinn

Harry Potter og Dauðadjásnin

Late Editon Icelandic

ISBN: 9789979774464


ISBN: 9789979788263

ISBN: 9789979788898

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