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The Faroe Islands, a part of the Kingdom of Denmark, is very interesting place and language. Faroese is spoken only by about 75,000 - 80,000 people, which is about 20,000+/- of the Faroe Islands population. All 7 Harry Potter books were published by Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags, first in hardcover and as of now, I am aware of soft editions of books 1 and 2. Gunnar Hoydal translated books 1-3, Malan Háberg translated book 4, and Bergur Rasmussen translated books 5 - 7. Also, interestingly, there are Faroese audio books of all 7 Potter books as well. 

The hardcover book 1 is becoming quite hard to find, and a price to match. The last known public sale of a hardcover Faroese was in 2023 and sold for $750, which is quite high for a translation that is not considered a Big Six translation.

To learn more about the Faroese islands and language, Click Here.

To hear the 1st paragraph of the 1st book, Click Here.

Harry Potter og Vitramannasteinurim

...og Fangin Úr Azkaban

ISBN: 9789991812779

The hardcover Faroese books with the Mary GrandPre over art are made quite well, I think, and show off GrandPre's illustrations quite well. As well as MGP art, you can also buy a Faroese illustrated edition with Jim Kay's magical art. 

Hardcover ISBN: 9991812423

Harry Potter Book 1 Hardcover  in Faroese

...og Kamarið Við Loynidómum

ISBN: 9991812644


og Føniksfylkingin

ISBN: 9789991813912

og Hálvblóðsprinsurin

ISBN: 9789991814827

ISBN: 9789991813332

...og Eldbikarið


og Arvalutir Deyðans

ISBN: 9789991815824

Fiction Come to Life_edited.jpg
Harry Potter Book 1 Softcover in Faroese

In 2016. the 2nd edition softcover Faroese Book 1 was published. This edition is not nearly as coveted as the above  1st edition hardcover book 1, and they can be bought from the Faroese bookstores at this time (2024).

Softcover ISBN: 9789997202574

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