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Welsh is the oldest spoken language in Britain and is a Brythonic language, meaning British Celtic, which was spoken by those living in what is not the what is now called Britain before the Roman occupation. Interestingly, the Brytonic tongue evolved in the British Isles and serves as the basis for not only Welsh, but also Breton and Cornish. One of the first known written Welsh words dates from 700 A.D. and is found a headstone St Cadfan’s church in Tywyn.

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Harri Potter a Maen yr Athronydd


Harry Potter was published by Bloomsbury and has been issued in hard and soft cover featuring the Thomas Taylor cover art as well as the the Jonny Duddle cover. Only book 1 was published so far, but I know I'd love to see the whole set.

ISBN: 9781582348278

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