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Turkey is one of the growing number of countries that have 2 translations. In this case, only book 1 has 2 Turkish translations. Both share the same Mary GrandPre cover art, but the titles are different and the textblock is vastly different.

1st Translation

The 1st translation was published by DOST in 1999 and translated by Mustafa Bayındır. According to native speakers, the translation was not a success by any means. Shortly after the book was published, DOST lost the rights. 

Difficulty - to - Find Rating: 8, Hard

Harry Potter (ve) Büyülü Taş

ISBN: 9757501956

2nd Translation

In 2001, Yapı Kredi Kültür Sanat Yayıncılık (YKY) published their translation (translated by Ülkü Tamer) under the title Harry Potter ve Felsefe Taşi. This translation was much better received. The book has gone on to have a few different editions and many print runs. This same publisher would go on to publisher all 7 books. 

1st Edition

Difficulty - to - Find Rating: 5, Common

Harry Potter ve Felsefe Taşi

Harry Potter ve Sırlar Odasi

Harry Potter ve Azkaban Tutsaği

ISBN: 9789750802942

ISBN: 9789750802950

ISBN: 9789750803116

Special Edition / Book Club Edition

There is an edition of Turkish books, again with the GrandPre cover art that are either special editions or maybe book club edition. This edition is a softcover with jacket. I am not sure on how many were made, but I know I have a had 3 or 4 since 2014. I'm not sure if all 7 books were published in this edition, but I know at least 1 -5 have been. 

ISBN: 9789750802942

ISBN: 9789750803314

ISBN: 978975086452

Later State

Quite common in the marketplace is the Jonny Duddle illustrated books. Like the 1st edition above, all 7 books were published. This book shares the same ISBN as both of the above YKY published Philosopher's Stone books, so you cannot search for this cover using the ISBN.

Difficulty - to - Find Rating: 5, Common

ISBN: 9789750802942