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There is a LOT to the history behind the languages and writing system used within China, and it is all fascinating to me. Simplified Chinese is the writing system used in Mainland China, Singapore, and Malaysia. Essentially, Simplified Chinese came about due to the People's Republic language reform of the 1950s - part of an official drive to simplify characters in keeping with the way the socialist state revolutionized traditional culture and democratize literacy. Contrastingly, Traditional Chinese is the writing system used in Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong.

The books on this page are all from Mainland China and are written in Simplified Chinese. And while there are a decent amount of editions here, there are a few missing - namely the deluxe editions (hard and softcover), which feature unique art and the un-revised text block. I don't personally care for the art for these editions, so I'm unsure I will ever add them to my collection; as such, they may not ever be pictured here. But, i can provide information about them should you have questions.

To learn more about Simplified Chinese, Click Here and Here.

To hear the 1st paragraph of the 1st book, Click Here.

The 1st edition, which features the US cover art of Mary GrandPre was published by People's Literature Publishing House (人民文学出版社) 2002. The books, which weren't well translated to begin with, were revised and reissued with Kazu Kibuishi's illustrations (originally from the US 15th Anniversary books). 

There are also many, MANY unauthorized Potter books that come out of China.





ISBN: 9787020033430

Simplified Chinese Harry Potter Book 1

ISBN: 9787020033447

ISBN: 9787020033454


ISBN: 9787020034635


ISBN: 9787020043279

IMG_9079 2.JPG


ISBN: 9787020053230


ISBN: 9787020063659

ISBN: 9787020103294

Harry Potter in Mandarin Revised

ISBN: 9787020103300

As mentioned above, the Simplified Chinese books were reissued in a revised edition. From my understanding, this edition, I've been told, is pretty heavily revised - although I am not sure how much so. However, I am not sure if all books with the Kazu Kibuishi art are revised or not; I would assume all editions published after the initial revised edition would use the revised text block as that makes the most sense. Honestly, there is just a lot about the Simplified Chinese books that we still do no know yet I am unsure yet if I will finish this set out or not.

ISBN: 9787020144532

ISBN: 9787020111435

Other incomplete sets I have are these editions right here - all 7 books are also available in the Jonny Duddle art and has the Wizarding World logo on it. 

The illustrated edition, interestingly, is a softcover (I've been told the there is a hardcover variant of this). I thought it was neat to see a softcover Jim Kay illustrated book, so I bought it.

This edition is quite interesting - it's English/Simplified Chinese Side-by-Side editions, meaning the page on the left is in English, and the page on the right is in Simplified Chinese. Book 4 is 2 volumes. All 7 books were published in this edition - I've just not been able to get them yet, but they're definitely on my list.


ISBN: 9787020143528

ISBN: 9787020146895

ISBN: 9787020141838

ISBN: 9787020150700


This hardcover box set is really neat and features Olly Moss cover art. I have book 7 in softcover, so I am sure these editions are also available in softcover as well. I do think the hardcover edition is available in box set only as there is only one ISBN and that's for the box a whole. 

Box Set ISBN: 9787020127993

This is the softcover edition of book 7 of the above box set. This book is a bit shorter than the hardcover variant, but looks well made all the same. I haven't looked too hard for the remainder of this set as I prefer the hardcover anyway.

ISBN: 9787020146765

These beautiful editions have wonderful, unique cover art. Each book is at least 2 volumes, so be careful if you choose to buy these. I bought the 20-volume box set; however, disappointingly, the box is very, very poorly made (like the above hardcover box set as well). The only ISBN for these books is the one for the box set - but I did buy book 1 (both volumes) independently, and I have friends who bought all volumes independently as well.

Box Set ISBN: 9787020171026










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