Scotland & United Kingdom

20 years after the publication of Philosopher's Stone, it was finally translated into Scots, and Potterheads around the world were ecstatic. A few years ago there was a Scots Gaelic translation that was almost released--it had an ISBN and was out for pre-order, but the book never was released; I'm unsure what happened there. The 1st prints of this Scots translation sold out quickly during pre-order; the book is in reprint.

Title: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stane

SBN: 9781785301544

Translator: Matthew Fitt

Format: Softcover

Notes: Published in 2017; small first print run; no other covers or formats currently available; book 1 only available

Difficulty-to-Find Rating: 3 Common (not including harder-to-find 1st prints)