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Scots! Such a fabulous language AND NO it is not the same as Scots Gaelic! Scots (the language of the delightful book below!) is an Anglic language variety from the West Germanic language family, while Scots Gaelic is a member of the Goidelic group of Celtic languages. So simply put, Scots is a Germanic language and Scots Gaelic is Celic - totally different language families, folks! 

Scots is also sometimes referred to as Lowland Scots as it tends to be spoken in the Scottish Lowlands, Northern Isles, and northern Ulster (Scots Gaelic tends to be spoken in the Highlands and Western Isles). Also, Scots is recognized by the Scottish government as an indigenous language as well as a vulnerable language by UNESCO. 

To learn more about the Scots language, Click HereHere, and Here.

To hear the translator of the Scots Potter book, Matthew Fitt, read the 1st Paragraph of this book, Click Here!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stane

20 years after the publication of Philosopher's Stone, it was finally translated into Scots by Matthew Fitt and published by Itchy Coo, and Potterheads around the world were ecstatic. A few years ago there was a Scots Gaelic translation that was almost released--it had an ISBN and was out for pre-order, but the book never was released; I'm unsure what happened there. The 1st prints of this Scots translation sold out quickly during pre-order; the book is in reprint. So far only book 1 exists; book 2 was in the works but it has been shelved permanently, sadly.

ISBN: 9781785301544

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