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The history of the Maori language is one that includes many regional dialects as the speakers lived in villages throughout Eastern Polynesia that were separated by water, creating linguistic diversity. Also, Maori had no written language until 1814, when missionaries first attempted to  write the language down and by 1820 Professor Samuel Lee of Cambridge University and chief Hongi Hika and his junior relative Waikato worked to create a writing system. 

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In 2019, Kotahi Rau Pukapuka Trust was launched in 2019 by the country's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. Auckland University Press will be working alongside the Trust for the duration of the project. The Trust aims to publish 100 books into Te Reo Maori, starting with the publication of a book about my favorite boy wizard, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

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Hare Pota me te Whatu Manapou

Publisher: Auckland University Press, 2020

ISBN: 978186940912

Format: Softcover


Publisher: Auckland University Press, 2022

ISBN: 9781869409739

Format: 12 CD Box Set

Runtime: 11H, 59M, 14S

Published 11/10/2022

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