Wanted: Macedonian translation of book 4 


Wanted: Macedonian translation of book 4 

Macedonia - Macedonian

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The 1st Edition Macedonian Harry Potter books were published by 2 different publishers. Books 1 - 5 were published by Publishing House Kultura and books 6 and 7 by Mladinska Kniga Skopje. Interestingly, the 1st five books use the original UK cover art while 6 and 7 use the US Mary GrandPre covers. Needless to say, the set definitely looks mismatched. 

The 1st Edition Macedonian books are quite hard to come by, with book 1 being the most scarce and sought after by collectors. Book 1 comes in 2 different states and both are about equally hard to find. The earlier of the two has a dark red upper section, while in the later version, this same section is quite pink. As the 1st Edition Macedonian translation is among the hardest to find, collectors do not seem to have a preference for either state of the 1st book; both are valued fairly equally as a result.

Difficulty - to - Find Rating: 10, Extremely Hard.

Хари Потер и Каменот на мудроста


ISBN: 9989322724

Хаари Потер и Одајата на тајните

Хари Потер и Затвореникот од Азкабан

Хари Потер и Редот на фениксот


ISBN: 9989323046

ISBN: 9789989323324

ISBN: 9989324050

Хари Потер и Полукрвниот Принц

Хари Потер и Реликвиите на смртта


ISBN: 9786084500193

ISBN: 9786084500285

2nd Translation

Macedonia is the lastest Harry Potter language to gain a 2nd translation! A brand new publisher (Literatura.MK) AND translation! This new translation features the beautiful artwork of Jonny Duddle. The publisher plans on releasing all 7 books! 

Difficulty - to - Find Rating: 6, Hard


Хари Потер и Каменот на мудроста

ISBN: 9786082596280