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The Luxembourgish language, a Moselle-Franconian dialect of the  West Germanic language group,  is spoken by about 400,000 people, most of whom reside in or around the small Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Because of where Luxembourgish lives within the world, the language has had much influence from the French language over the years. 

Luxembourgish is a much longer oral tradition than written; however, the language standardized officially by 1975, with a spelling reform in 1999. Luxembourg is unusual in that Luxembourgish is most commonly found in use colloquially, while both German and French tend to be found in more form settings, like commerce for example, meaning most Luxembourgish residents are trilingual. 

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Only books 1 and 2 have been released in the Potter series (Florence Berg 1, II; Guy Berg II, translators), with both 1st editions being hardcover, and reprints being softcover. The softcover books are still in print and can be easily bought in Luxembourg, some French book stores, as well as directly from the publisher (as of April 2024). The hardcover of book 1, is quite hard to find as more than likely the 1st edition print run must have bee small. At this time, I am uncertain if book 2 is in reprint - it doesn't look like it from the website; book 1 reprinted in 2023.  Book 1 has also been published in audio book.

Den Harry Potter an den Alchimistesteen

Title: Den Harry Potter an dem Salazar säi Sall

ISBN: 9782919771189

ISBN: 9782919771196



Philosopher's Stone
Harry Potter Book 1 Luxembourgish
Harry Potter Book 2 in Luxembourgish
Chamber of Secrets
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