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Luxembourg - Luxembourgish

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Harry Potter Book 1 Luxembourgish
Philosopher's Stone

1st Edition Softcover Luxembourgish translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, published by Kairos Editions. This particular translation is similar to the Occitan transltion in that the publisher restricts buyers by region: if the buyer is outside of their little area, they won't sell and they don't ship internationally. Because the restrictions set up by the publisher, this book is fairly hard to come by if you're outside of Luxembourg. I've yet to see one listed on any of the larger e-commerce sites. 

Title: Den Harry Potter an den Alchimistesteen
ISBN: 9782919771189
Translator: Florence Berg
Format: Softcover

Notes: A hardcover edition does exist and was printed first. The hardcover editions seem to be harder to find than the softcover; that said, both are hard to find. Only books 1 - 2 have been published.

Difficulty to Find Rating: 8, Hard

Harry Potter Book 2 in Luxembourgish
Chamber of Secrets

1st Edition Luxembourgish translation of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, published by Kairos Edition in 2014. I love the red boards alongside Cliff Wright's cover art form the Bloomsbury edition. The spine is also a lovely green, adding more color to this magical book. I lucked out in purchasing a hardcover. Now, I'm in search of the hard-to-find hardcover Philosopher's Stone. :)

Title: Den Harry Potter an dem Salazar säi Sall
ISBN: 9782919771196
Translator: Florence Berg & Guy Berg
Format: Hardcover, no jacket

Notes: Like the first book, acquiring this book is quite hard as it's really only for sale in the small Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. 

Difficulty to Find Rating: 8, Hard

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