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Lithuanian, the East Baltic language most closely related to Latvian, and belongs to the Baltic branch of the Indo-European language family. The language is mostly found in Lithuania and is the official language of that country and is also an official language of the European Union.

Lithuanian comes from the Eastern European sub-group of Baltic languages and is closely related to Latvian, although the two are now not mutually intelligible. The two languages began to diverge around 800 AD and retained some mutual intelligibility for a bit.

The Lithuanian literary tradition began in the 16th century AD, with the earliest known documents being translations of the Lord's Prayer and Ave Maria.

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The first edition Lithuanian books were translated by Zita Marienė, published in hardcover by Alma Littera, and feature the art of the Mary GrandPre. The books were issued without jackets.

Haris Poteris ir Išminties akmuo

ISBN: 9789986029199

Haris Poteris ir Fenikso Brolija

ISBN: 9789955084334


Haris Poteris ir Paslapčių kambarys

ISBN: 9789955080183


Haris Poteris ir Netikras Princas

ISBN: 9789955089872


Haris Poteris ir Azkabano kalinys

ISBN: 9789955080879

Haris Poteris ir Mirties relikvijos

ISBN: 9789955248927


Haris Poteris ir Ugnies taurė

ISBN: 9789955081760


The 20th Anniversary editions, also the same publisher, use the same text block as the 1st editions, but these editions feature unique cover art by Jekaterina Budrytė. These books are the same size hardcover as the 1st edition and are jacketless as well. The books' cover texture is quite soft a bit buttery. They are absolutely stunning - all 7 of them. 

ISBN: 9786090141601


ISBN: 9786090141618

ISBN: 9786090141625

ISBN: 9786090141632

ISBN: 9786090141663

ISBN: 9786090141656

ISBN: 9786090141649

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