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Modern Kazakh is a Turkic language on the Kipchak branch and is thought to have originated in 1465 A.D. during the formation of the Kazakh Khanate. Kazakh is thought to be descended from 2 different Turkic languages - Kipchak and Chagatay. Kazakh is the official language of Kazakhstan and there are about 17 million speakers. Until 1929, Kazakh was written using the Arabic script; now Kazakh is written using Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

Steppe and World published the first 4 Harry Potter books as well as a few other extraneous Potter books - like the WIzarding Almanac; I'm unsure if there are plans to complete the 7 books.

To learn more about the Kazakh language, Click Here and Here.

To hear the 1st paragraph of the 1st book, Click Here.

Хәрри Поттер мен пәлсапа тас

ISBN: 9789919955762

Kazakh Translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Хәрри Поттер мен пәлсапа таc

2020 has seen a few brand new translations already with promise of more on the way, and one of these new translations is out of Kazakhstan! Rumor has it that all 7 books are supposed to be published as well, and hopefully they will! The Kazakh translation was published by Steppe & World and translated by Dinara Mazen, Sayat Mukhamediyar, and Narkez Berikkazy and edited by Nazgul Kozhabek.

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