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Persian, AKA Farsi - the Persian word for the Persian language), has quite a long history. with Old Persian dating to around 400 - 300 BCE. There are also Middle and Modern (New) Periods for this language as well. The language is in the Indo-Iranian language family, and is the official language of Iran. The language is written using Arabic characters (reads right to left); quite a few Arabic loan words are also found in Persian. There are about 130 million speakers worldwide. 

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The first edition authorized Persian Books, like the other authorized Persian Potter books, were published by Tandis books (book 1 was translated by Saeed Kobraiai; Vida Eslamieh translated the other 6). The first editions have...interesting art work, with mostly stock images found and added to the covers. Importantly, many of the individual books comes in multiple volumes (Example - book 5 is 3 volumes), and each volume is purchased separately if you're buying new from the store. 

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هری پاتر و سنگ جادو

هری پاتر و زندانی آزکابان

ISBN: 9789645757029

ISBN: 9789645757012

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