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Iran - Persian

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1st Edition

Philosopher's Stone

1st Edition Persian translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, published by Tandis Books. The Persian cover art is one of the more strange of any book cover art I've seen. In all honestly, it took me quite awhile to appreciate it. As Persian is a right-to-left read language, the book opens from the left rather then right (as with English books). 1st Edition Persian Potter books are rare, however, they're around, but they're usually pricey given their rarity and demand. I'm unsure on the print run, but I've began to see a bit more floating around international e-commerce sites, so it might be a bit larger than with some other of the languages. Again though, they're still quite hard to find..

TItle: (Hari Patter va Sang Jadoo)  هری پاتر و سنگ جادو
ISBN: 9789645757029
Translator: Saʻīd Kabriyāyī
Format: Softcover

Notes: All 7 books were published featuring similar cover art. A new cover has been released as of 2017; all 7 books published featuring this new art.

Difficulty to Find Rating: 8, Hard

Prisoner of Azkaban

1st Edition Persian translation of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Again here, you can see the crazy cover art was carried through to this book as well. After awhile, it kind of just grew on me. I can't say it's my favorite, but I can say that it's certainly memorable. Similar to the first book, this one is fairly hard to find, especially on larger e-commerce sites; that said, they still show up on them, but again, it's rare.

Title: Hari Patter va zindāni-i Azkaban (هری پاتر و زندانی آزکابان)
ISBN: 9789645757012
Translator: Vida Eslamiyeh
Format: Softcover

Notes: See notes for PS above

Difficulty to Find Rating: 8, Hard

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