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The Georgian language, like most, is one that has an interesting history. Georgian is the he most widely spoken Kartvelian language, and has its roots in the Caucasian language family. Unusually, this language has been fairly static geographically, remaining mostly found within the Caucasus Mountains and in the Kura River Valley areas.

The languages indigenous to the Caucasus area derive from a Proto-Caucasian language. from there there's debate among linguists and scholars over the language evolution, but there's general consensus that this Proto-Caucasian language branched off into 3 main language groups - of which Kartvelian is one of those branches. 

While we don't really know where the Georgian script originated from, we do know that the Georgian language has an unbroken literary tradition that is around 1500 years old, with the earliest known writings dating from around the 5th Century A.D. 

Today, there are about 4 million native speakers.

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1st Edition

The first edition Georgian language Harry Potter is a hardcover with Mary GrandPre cover art. A softcover featuring GrandPre's cover art would be released later. All 7 books are available in both editions. A hardcover Kazu Kibuishi edition was also released in 2014. The books were published by Bakur Sulakauri and 5 different translators worked on all 7 books.

ჰარი პოტერი და ფილოსოფიური ქვა

1st Ed. Deathly Hallows

ISBN: 9789992898659

Harry Potter Georgian Philosopher's Stone Book 1, ჰარი პოტერი და ფილოსოფიური ქვა
1st Edition Philosopher's Stone
Harry Potter Hardcover Georgian Deathly Hallows, ჰარი პოტერი და სიკვდილის საჩუქრები

ISBN: 9789941403149

ჰარი პოტერი და სიკვდილის საჩუქრები

2nd Edition
Harry Potter 2nd Editon Kazu Kibuishi Illustrated Philosopher's Stone Book 1, ჰარი პოტერი და ფილოსოფიური ქვა
2nd Ed. Philsopher's Stone

ISBN: 9789941233548

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