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The Estonian language is the official language of Estonia as well as one of the four non-Indo-European European Union official languages (the other 3 being Finnish, Hungarian, and Maltese). Rather, Estonian is in the Finnic branch of the Uralic language family. Another member of this branch is Finnish; neither of the two languages are linguistically related to their nearest geographical neighbors. 

The oldest known written records of Finnic languages from Estonia date to the 13th century, and in 1525, the first book published in the Estonian language was published; interestingly, this book, a Lutheran manuscript, was destroyed immediately after publication - never reaching its reader.

To learn more about this language, Click Here and Here.

To hear the 1st paragraph of the 1st book, Click Here.

There are at least 4 editions of the Estonian books, with the first being the hardcover, followed by a softcover - both of these feature the Mary GrandPre art from the US first editions; you can also buy the Estonian translations in Jim Kay's beautiful illustrated cover art. However, in 2021 Varrak republished the Estonian books in unique cover art by Hanna Sarekanno, who won a contest put on by the publisher - to read more about this fine artist, Click Here. Books 1 - 7 were translated by Krista Kaer; books 3 - 7 were published by Kaisa Kaer. Alongside the main 7 books, you can also find the Tales of Beedle the Bard, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Quidditch Through the Ages in Estonian as well; there are also other J.K. Rowling books available in this neat language as well.

The hardcover 1st Edition Estonian books  (especially the 1st book) are becoming quite hard - in and outside of Estonia, especially in hardcover. Additionally, the hardcover jackets are quite poorly made, and as such, they rub and tear quite easily. Conversely, the softcover books as well as those illustrated by Sarekanno are quite well made.

Harry Potter ja tarkade kivi

Harry Potter Estonian 1st Edition Hardcover Philosopher's Stone Book 1

ISBN: 9789985311646

...ja saladuste kamber


ISBN: 9789985303610

...ja Azkabani vang

ISBN: 9789985303627

...ja Fööniksi Ordu

ISBN: 9789985307762

...ja segavereline prints

ISBN: 9789985310731

...ja tulepeeker

ISBN: 9789985304259

...a surma vägised

ISBN: 9789985315224

Hogwarts castle.jpg

ISBN: 9789985311646

Harry Potter 1st Edition Softcover Philosopher's Stone Book 1

ISBN: 9789985311820

Harry Potter Estonian Prisoner of Azkaban Book 3

Published by Varrak publishers as well, these softcover editions of the Estonian Harry Potter books are quickly being tucked away into collections, making them increasingly hard to find. All 7 books were published, but I don't plan on adding any more to these particular editions.

ISBN: 9789985351710

I really enjoy how unique these Sarekanno illustrated covers are from the rest of the Potter art from around the world. I look forward to adding the rest of the books to my shelves over time.

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