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Estonia - Estonian

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The Estonian books are becoming quite hard - to - find in markets outside of Estonia, especially in hardcover. Additionally, the hardcover jackets are quite poorly made, and as such, they rub and tear quite easily. The books share the US covers, illustrated by Mary GrandPre. They were published by Varrak Publishers. The books are also available in softcover with the same illustrations.

Difficulty - to  - Find Rating: 8, Hard

Harry Potter Estonian 1st Edition Hardcover Philosopher's Stone Book 1



Published by Varrak publishers as well, these softcover editions of the Estonian Harry Potter books are quickly being tucked away into collections, making them increasingly hard to find.

Difficulty - to - Find Rating: 7, Somewhat Hard

Harry Potter 1st Edition Softcover Philosopher's Stone Book 1


Harry Potter Estonian Prisoner of Azkaban Book 3


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