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Czech is Slavic language, as are Polish and Slovak and is the main language of the Czech Republic; there are approximately 10 million speakers. To learn more about the Czech language, Click Here.

The Czech translations of Harry Potter are published by Albatros around 1999. The Czech 1st edition Philosopher's Stone has 2 states of the 1st edition that feature same the Harry Potter in a top hat as the Sorting Hat; the 2nd edition is also known as the Wizard Hat edition due to to the Sorting Hat looking like a traditional wizard's hat. The 3rd edition, which is the most common, is a hardcover featuring the US cover art by Mary GrandPre. Since the series' complete publication into Czech, you can now find multiple editions bearing the cover art of Jim Kay, Jonny Duddle, and Mary GrandPre. There are also hard and softcover editions available, The Tales of Beedle the Bard is also available. 

Harry Potter a Kámen Mudrců

1st State

ISBN: 9788000007885


2nd State

ISBN: 9788000007885

Harry Potter Czech 1st Edition 2nd State Philosophers Stone Book 1

2nd Edition

ISBN: 9788000009957

Harry Potter Czech 2nd Edition Philosophe's Stone Book 1

3rd Edition

ISBN: 9788000011615

Harry Potter Czech 3rd Edition Philosopher's Stone Book 1

Harry Potter a Tajemná Komnata

ISBN: 9788000008981

Harry Potter Czech Chamber of Secrets Book 2

Harry Potter a Vězeň z Azkabanu

ISBN: 9788000009513

Harry Potter Czech Prisoner of Azkaban Book 3

Harry Potter a ohnivý pohár

ISBN: 9788000009943


Harry Potter a Fénixův řád

ISBN: 9788000009943


Box Sets

I have seen a few softcover box sets, such as the one pictured below; I have seen complete 1 - 7 box sets as well, I just haven't been able to find a seller in the Czech Republic who wants to send to send to me here - which is often the case with translation collecting, unfortunately. I am not sure if the softcover GrandPre books were sold individually as well simply because I haven't seen them aside from box sets. I will say that I think they were because the books themselves have ISBNS, which are usually indicative of being sold apart from a set.



Book 1: 9788000012810

Book 2: 9788000012827

Book 3: 9788000012834

Book 4: 9788000012841

Box Set: 9788000012803

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