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The Czech translations of Harry Potter are published by Albatros around 1999. The Czech 1st edition Philosopher's Stone has 2 states of the 1st edition, as well as a 2nd edition and a 3rd, which is the first that features the Mary GrandPre cover art. The 1st state is of course the hardest to find, features "pre-movie" font on the front cover as well as Harry wearing a Top Hat with lips (the illustrator's first iteration of the Sorting Hat); the 2nd state features the same cover art as the 1st, only subbed the now ubiquitous Harry Potter font and moved around a few words on the cover. The 2nd edition features similar cover art to the 1st, only this time Harry is wearing a Wizard Hat Sorting Hat. The books have now also been published in Jonny Duddle covers as well.

Philosopher's Stone:

Difficulty-to-Find Rating (1st State): 9, Very Hard

Difficulty-to-Find Rating (2nd State): 8, Hard

Difficulty-to-Find Rating (2nd Edition): 7, Somewhat Hard

Difficulty-to-Find Rating (3rd Edition): 5, Less Common

GrandPre Cover Books 2 - 10:

Difficulty-to-Find Rating: 5, Less Common

2nd State

Harry Potter a Kámen Mudrců

Harry Potter Czech 1st Edition 2nd State Philosophers Stone Book 1


2nd Edition

Harry Potter a Kámen Mudrců

Harry Potter Czech 2nd Edition Philosophe's Stone Book 1


3rd Edition

Harry Potter a Kámen Mudrců

Harry Potter Czech 3rd Edition Philosopher's Stone Book 1


Harry Potter a Tajemná Komnata

Harry Potter Czech Chamber of Secrets Book 2


Harry Potter a Vězeň z Azkabanu

Harry Potter Czech Prisoner of Azkaban Book 3


Harry Potter a ohnivý pohár



Harry Potter a Fénixův řád



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