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The Bulgarian language as it exists today has undergone quite a lot of transformation throughout its history. Bulgarian is a Slavic language, is mostly closely related to Macedonian, both of those languages differ quite a bit grammatically from the other Slavic languages. Like English, there is an Old Bulgarian (9th - 11th centuries), Middle Bulgarian (12th - 16th centuries), and Modern Bulgarian (16th century - present). The Modern Bulgarian written language has originations in the 16th Century religious writings, did not fully standardize until the 19th century. 

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To hear the 1st paragraph of the 1st book, Click Here.

The Bulgarian Harry Potter books were published by Egmont Bulgaria in both soft and hard covers. The books were first published using Mary GrandPre's illustrations from the US books. Then in 2014, they were released with the Jonny Duddle illustrations. Up until earlier November 2019, Bulgaria did not offer original cover art; HOWEVER, in honor of their 20 years of Potter, they released BEAUTIFUL Potter books with their own unique art!

Хари Потър и Философският камък

ISBN: 9789544464677

Bulgarian Harry Potter Book 1, 1st Edition Softcover


ISBN: 9789544464684

Bulgarian Harry Potter Book 1 Hardcover Book 1


...и ФСтаята на тайните

ISBN: 9789544464912


...и Затворникът от Азкабан

ISBN: 9789544465575

...и Огненият бокал

ISBN: 9789544466213

...и Орденът на феникса

ISBN: 9789544467616

Bulgarian Harry Potter Hardcover Book 5

...и Нечистокръвния принц

ISBN: 9789544469306

...и Даровете на Смъртта

ISBN: 9789542701514

In 2017, the Bulgarian books were published using the Jonny Duddle art. As I own so many books with this cover art, I don't see the need to finish the rest of this set, unless there's something linguistically interesting, and as of now, I'm not aware of anything. Like the first editions, this set are published by Egmont Bulgaria.

ISBN: 9789544464684

In 2019, Egmont Bulgaria released the 20th Anniversary editions, featuring Bulgarian illustrator, Lyuben Zidarov. Personally, I really enjoy these covers.

ISBN: 9789542723073


ISBN: 9789542723066

ISBN: 9789542723080

ISBN: 9789542723127

ISBN: 9789542723097

ISBN: 978954273103

ISBN: 9789542723110

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