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Bosnia - Bosnian

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The Bosnian Harry Potter books have become super hard to find, especially book 1, which is quickly winding its way to the Extremely Difficult category of the Potter translations. These translations were published by BuyBook and HAVE NOW JUST BEEN REPRINTED BOOKS 1 & 2!! But, they are revised 2nd Editions and are quite different from the 1st Editions, so be careful not to confuse the 2; the 1st editions of books 1-3 are quite hard to come by at this time. Shown below are the 1st editions. 

I do have the rest of the set, however, they are in my storage units in Texas for he time. i will update when i get to bring my books home.

1st Edition

Harry Potter I Kamen Mudrosti

Bosnian Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

ISBN: 9789958301063

Harry Potter i Odaja TajniI

Bosnian Harry Potter Book 2 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

ISBN: 9789958301056

Harry Potter i Zatvorenik Azkabana

Bosnian Harry Potter Book 3  Prisoner of Azkaban Harry Potter i zatvorenik Azkabana

Harry Potter i Plameni Pehar

Bosnian Harry Potter Book 4 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harry Potter i plameni pehar

ISBN: 9789958302442

2nd Edition 

2nd Edition

Buybook has just reprintedBosnian books 1 and 2! However, more than just reprint, they've actually revised the textblock and added "drugo izdanje" (2nd Edition) to the title page. And while the books have the same cover art, the build is very different; the 2 books are now the same size and feel of book 4 (so taller and about 1/2 as thick as their 1st edition counterparts). Book 3 has just sold out, so chances are they will also issue a reprint if not a revised edition of book 3 in future.

2nd Second Edition Bosnian Translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone rry Potter i kamen mudrosti

ISBN: 9789958304866

2nd Second Bosnian Translation of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter i odaja tajni

ISBN: 9789958304897

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