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Belarusian is a Eastern Slavic language and is one of the two official languages of Belarus (the other is Russian). It is spoken by about 6.4 million speakers (L1 and L2). Throughout its history, the language has undergone name changes typically politics changed. Belarusian's predecessor is actually a group of closely-related East Slavic linguistic varieties called Ruthenian (13th - 18th Centuries), which evolved from of Old East Slavic (10th - 13th Centuries).  

To learn more about this language, Click Here, and HereTo read about Belarusian language revival, Click Here.

In 2019 Harry Potter came to Belarus! Published by Januskevic and translated by Alena Piatrovič, the book book is a beautiful hardcover featuring the work of Brian Selznick, the illustrator of the Scholastic 20th Anniversary books! Books 1 - 3 were published; there were plans originally to publish all 7 books, but at this time, it look like that won't happen. Sadly, the publisher has been shut down (to read more about that, Click Here
The book 3 pictured here is softcover.
To hear the 1st paragraph of the 1st book, Click Here.

Гары Потэр і філасофскі камень

ISBN: 9789857210350

Belarusian Translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Гары Потэр і філасофскі камень

...і таемная зала

ISBN: 9789857210596

...і вязень Азкабана

ISBN: 9789857283170

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