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Arabic is a member of Semitic language family, and is a very old language, first appearing on the Arabian Peninsula. The earliest forms of Arabic date back to around the 8th Century BCE. As the language developed and grew, so did the culture so much so that by the 8th Century A.D., Arabic was the language of science due to Baghdad being one of the main centers for astronomy and sciences. Arabic also played an important role during exchanges along the Silk Roads. In short, the language has quite a long, and very rich history. To read more about this language, Click Here and Here, and Here.

Well, I've been putting off updating this page, because the Arabic Potter translations are not nearly as straightforward as one I, and many others, once thought. Honestly, I'm not even going to begin to tackle explaining everything about the Arabic translations - Potterglot and Potter of Babble both do fabulous jobs, so I am going to put their links here. The books below are all softcover. As far as which translation I have, I am uncertain.


Harry Potter and the Morphing Arabic Translator

Harry Potter and the Ever-Transfigured Arabic Translation


Potter of Babble

Three versions of Harry Potter in Arabic: read our post over at Potterglot!

هاري بوتر وحجر الفيلسوف 

ISBN: 9789771418818

Harry Potter Book 1 in Arabic

هاري بوتر وجماعة العنقاء 

ISBN: 9771438794

Harry Potter Book 5 in Arabic

 هاري بوتر وحجرة الأسرار 

ISBN: 9771421700

Harry Potter Book 2 in Arabic

هاري بوتر وسجين أزكابان

ISBN: 6221133315623


هاري بوتر وكأس النار 

ISBN: 9771426974

Harry Potter Book 4 in Arabic

هاري بوتر والأمير الهجين

ISBN: 6221133323710


هاري بوتر ومقدسات الموت

ISBN: 9771442058

Harry Potter Book 7 in Arabic
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