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The Arabic translation of the Potter books was published by Nahdet Misr. Multiple translators were used among the 7 books. Book 1 was translated by Sahar Jabr Mahmū, Book 2 by Rajā' 'Abdullah, Book 3 by Rajā' 'Abdullah; Ahmad Hasan Muhammad, Book 4 by Ahmad Hasan Muhammad, book 5 Translation and Publication Department of Nahdet Misr, book 6 by Sahar Jabr Mahmūd, and book 7 by Dr. 'Abdulwahāb 'Allūb. The books use the Mary GrandPre covers from the US books. There are hardcovers versions of these books around, but they're harder to come by. Information given here is for softcover.

Diffitculty to Find Rating: 4, Somewhat Common

هاري بوتر وحجر الفيلسوف 

ISBN: 9789771418818

 هاري بوتر وحجرة الأسرار 

ISBN: 9771421700

هاري بوتر وكأس النار 

ISBN: 9771426974

هاري بوتر وجماعة العنقاء 

ISBN: 9771438794

هاري بوتر ومقدسات الموت

ISBN: 9771442058