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The Albanian Potter books, translated by Amik Kasoruho, are increasingly becoming harder to find, even in Albania. There are 3 states of the 1st edition books (states being defined as having the same ISBN number among the books --ex: Book 1, 1st Edition, 1st State shares the same ISBN as the 1st Edition 2nd State). To my knowledge, there are no hardcover Albanian books. There are Duddle cover books as well, but I am unsure their ISBN as of yet.

The Albanian Potter books do not have any known original cover art. The 1st State features the US book illustrations by Mary GrandPre; 2nd state features German illustrations by Sabine Wilharm; 3rd state features Italian illustrations by Serena Riglietti. Of the 3 states, the 2nd seems to be the easiest found, while 1st and 3rd are both much harder to locate, with the 1st being more desired by collectors. 

Difficulty to Find Rating 1st State: 9, Very Hard

Difficulty to Find Rating 2nd State: 7, Somewhat Hard

Fifficulty to Find Rating 3rd State, 8, Hard

1st Edition, 1st State

1st Edition, 1st State translation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, published by Publishing House Dituria in 2001. This book is a softcover with GrandPre illustrated jacket. This particular state is increasingly hard to find with influx of new translation collectors. There are 3 states of this book that I am aware of, all sharing the same ISBNs as the GrandPre covers. The second state features the German cover art and the third features the Italian cover art.

ISBN: 9992747633
Translator: Amik Kasoruho
Format: Softcover with jacket


Harry Potter dhe i burgosuri i Azkabanit

ISBN: 9992759038

1st Edition, 2nd State

Harry Potter dhe guri filozofal

Harry Potter dhe Dhoma e të fshehtave

Harry Potter dhe i burgosuri i Azkabanit

Harry Potter dhe kupa e zjarrit

ISBN: 9992747633

ISBN: 9992747838

ISBN: 9789992759035

ISBN: 9789992759264

Harry Potter dhe urdhri i Feniksit

ISBN: 9789992759516

Harry Potter dhe Princi Gjakpërzier

Harry Potter dhe Dhuratat e Vdekjes

ISBN: 9789992759739

ISBN: 9789994346202