eBay Sellers to Avoid

if buying J.K. Rowling Signatures

While not all sellers on this list are less than honest, most of these have been caught selling more than 1 forged signature or forged book. 

1) RareandSigned.com (Jason Cullen)

       forger; sold thousands of J.K. Rowling forgeries into the


2) PlantCollections72

       Possible J.K. Rowling signature forger; sold many forgeries

3) MColes78

       Possible J.K. Rowling signature forger

4) quartermain-75

       Possible J.K. Rowling signature forger

5) Dollpainte-0

       Sold forgeries; may be a forger as well

6) RwSeller       

       Buys signatures indiscriminately and has no knowledge about

       what he sells; sold more forgeries than authentic. 

7) JMRoss67

       Sold/listed fake books (as in he didn't own the books he


8) Antons

       Seller has a forgery listed for $10,000.00

9) rmghobbies

       Seller has a forgery listed

10) beatjup0

       Sold multiple J.K. Rowling forgeries

11) Raptis Rare Books

       Has a Rowling forgery listed for $20,000. 

       Rowling forgery with hologram listed for $11,000.